A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

One of the biggest lessons you will learn in life is that people are not always who they say they are – or who you think they are. This is not always the case, and I don’t want to sound like a pessimist as I am a hopeless romantic at heart, however, infidelity seems to be one that is more common in this generation. I’m not sure if it is that true love isn’t valued as much anymore, or that people have not been taught how to fight for it as much as say 60 years ago – looking at all the problems my Nan and Grandad have faced but have managed to pull through is phenomenal, and I feel like a couple with those problems in this generation wouldn’t even last a year – I would say that they are truly in love. Most of the problems in this generation come from people saying one thing and doing another – or thinking they want a certain something when in fact they are unsure – or even wanting their cake and to eat it to! They can come across welcoming, genuine and sincere but can be hiding their fiery, mysterious and wild self deep inside – this person can be referred to as a wolf in sheep’s clothing – watch out for these people.

You grew on me like daisies in the summer sun,

Had previous relationships – but with this one I had won,

You were fiery like a lion,

To make me unhappy you were defiant,

Cloudy lemonade and a picnic in the park,

We would stay out until just before it got dark,

I always wondered but never did I question why,

You would walk me home before it got dark and kiss me goodbye, 

I’d turn around and you’d disappear,

You were mysterious like a cat – but never did I fear, 

Then the winter came and you’d pull me in tight, 

In your favourite sheep skin coat – it was a delight, 

But it would get dark earlier – so you started making excuses,

You couldn’t see me – and you became ruthless,

No messages no calls – you didn’t love me any longer,

Then the anger became stronger,

It grew and grew like sharp blades of grass,

But now I could see through you like transparent glass,

Clouded by those who had touched it before,


All is revealed,

You were with another women – it could not longer be concealed,

I should of had something to fear,

It had now all became clear,

I thought I had fell in love with someone who’s animalistic attributes were to be admired,

But now it transpires,

He hid from the dark because what he was disclosing,

Was that  he was a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. 



Create Your Own Destiny

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but in life you can become so overwhelmed with work, hobbies, social life and family that you don’t have time to sit down and have any “me time”. Luckily it is a Sunday – and this is my day to relax and write. For a lot of people Sunday’s can be quite drab and dreary, as they seem to be a day that most people rest, but for some this can heighten loneliness and boredom – so I thought I would brighten your Sunday with an inspirational poem! In life we can tend to procrastinate when things get too overwhelming – we bundle our heads in sand, or stay within our safety nets so that we don’t have to face problems head on – but what we fail to recognise at the time, this can make things a lot worse. As things build up, they slowly become a snowball effect of problems and unfinished tasks that tumble and get bigger. It is important to tackle issues as they arise and keep a clear head. Once you have a clear head you can strive to meet your goals, become successful and even influence others. We were put on this Earth to create our own paths – we can literally be anything we want, we just need to work hard enough at it. Never be afraid to create your own path – do not follow others out of apprehension of not being successful, branch out and create your own destiny.

We are nano – particles on this huge planet,

With diamond encrusted feelings and wisdom made from granite,

Yet which we can develop a mind which is so powerful,

A brain that is so hopeful, 

Words that are so meaningful – or we could go the other way,

Creating diversion between characters, 

Making ideas out of clay – which we then use to mould us,

Influencing our choices,

Our minds become less powerful – we don’t listen to those lost voices,

Our time on this Earth is then limited by our views,

Following opportunities that others choose, 

Knowledge that could expanded – left to dilate, 

A balloon full of meaning – left to deflate,

A brain full of ideas – left to disintegrate,

Or we could,

Expand on our knowledge,

Make something our speciality,

Leave footprints no man can walk on,

Turn dreams into reality,

Or when you reach the end of your days,

You realise that everyday you are growing, 

You’ll think back to your childhood faze,

And wish you’d listened to this poem.



Broken Glasses

Its world mental health day. What an absolutely amazing opportunity to raise issues that silence so many people across the globe. Your brain gets unwell just like any other organ in your body, but sadly it isn’t given the same recognition because it isn’t explicitly visible. For anyone suffering I cannot express how brave you are, because sometimes it’s harder to pretend that you feel okay – to hide all your feelings because you don’t know exactly how to put them into words. Well, let’s make it easier to do just that – when we feel anxious, depressed, manic, paranoid or any unwanted feeling, let’s make it easier to admit how we feel; just as easy as it would be to leave work or cancel plans because we have an unwell stomach – that’s a perfectly valid excuse which comes with no further questions – let’s make it that easy to leave work, or cancel plans if we have an unwell mind; without all the “that’s not a valid enough excuse” or “you’ll feel okay in a bit”. These issues have always been close to my heart, and here is my take on mental health, which might help those who don’t suffer understand a little better…

Try looking through broken glasses,

All your visions and perceptions would be obscured, 

Well we permanently see through broken glasses – just an eyesight that can’t be cured, 

Our glasses aren’t actually broken – but we can refer to it as that, 

As we see things in a different light – our outlook is different to others for a matter of fact,

You can fix the glass so we can see better – but the damage can’t be mended, 

Its something we have to live with – just a mixture of emotions squeezed together and blended,

You cannot change the way we think,

And even though we’re not blind, 

We have a pair of broken glasses – that can be mended with our mind. 



The Nation Is Our Creation

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been in sunny Spain! Getting home has been getting back to reality, and it seems part of reality now is terror attacks left, right and centre. It seems every time I switch on the TV or radio it is an announcement of fear that terror has struck our beautiful world. To most we have become desensitised, it is dreadful but now we are expecting it – how has it got to this point? You won’t know the meaning of anything unless you understand love – we live solely on this earth so it’s our responsibility as a whole to not only preserve the beauty of this planet, but to spread love – we are all in this together. The title of this post explicitly expresses my overriding point “the nation is our creation” our world is what we make it – at the moment it’s being slowly filled with fear & hatred. These aspects have always existed, there has always been bad in this world, but what changes can we make to further prevent this? Can the government make the right changes to eliminate this? I wrote a poem a while back which fits in with these issues – you can interpret it as you wish as it doesn’t have a solid meaning. Remember to spread love not hate & enjoy my poem. X

Street lights blinding those naïve enough to look into the light, 

Car horns deafening ears of wanderers in the night, 

Tree’s representing authority with the loss of judgement in the people,

The eerie atmosphere creating a new part in the sequel,

Roaming around lost towns searching for anticipation,

Twisting your vocabulary for a role in dictation,

Sensible views hidden under concrete roads,

Mounted with lorries carrying heavy loads,

Fear in the air soon to become a new element in the periodic table,

A nation soon to divide and become unstable,

Hiding from the fear – you could call it procrastination,

Or just the loss of unity within a nation. 




The One I Love

This may be a little bit cheesy, I am fully aware of that. People may read this and cringe, I am also fully aware of that. However, others may read this and shed a tear, when you find someone you love sometimes you cannot put into words the things that you feel. I am able to do that with my love of English and the best form is through poetry, I am not one for usually writing love poems, but I feel this time I had to. Love is such a strange concept because you can’t describe what you feel, you just feel it – I know I am 19 and some may say I haven’t even figured it out yet, and that may be the case. However, I have something that is so special to me. I’m the type of girl that loves too hard, that could be seen as a flaw but could also be seen as something very beautiful – if we are growing together I will always put my all into a relationship to make it even stronger. I now have the attitude that even if it doesn’t always work then at least I can reflect and know I always gave it my everything. It is important to find someone who not only values you when you feel beautiful, confident and amazing, but who also values you when you have your bad , ugly, depressing days – I read a quote once which stuck with me until now “you fell in love with my flowers but not my roots, so when autumn came, you didn’t know what to do.” So be with someone who will love you no matter what happens. This is dedicated to the one I love:

You warm my heart when nights are cold, 

19 years young but with you I want to grow old,

When fear strikes me down like lightening, 

When the world becomes frightening,

I ask only one favour – that you are my saviour,

Your kindness and love is priceless,

Like a vintage outfit is timeless,

Old fashioned morals but a modern kind of love,

You will never stray – and always make me proud of,

Your patience and gentleness,

Your blue eyes and the way you dress,

You came along and saved me,

When I felt alone – you graced me

With your welcoming heart,

We won’t ever be apart,

Our love has only ever grew,

One year later and I adore you. 


Money Tree

Tonight I want to write about something that brings pleasure to all, but also so much destruction – money! Of course, it is very admirable to have ambition and to strive to have a good job that pays well. However, it becomes an issue when you are in competition with everyone around you, thinking that the key to success and happiness is the amount in your bank account, we need to humble ourselves. Of course money can contribute to your happiness, of course money can make things a lot easier for yourself, and of course money is vital to life, but remember – money is attractive but greed is ugly. You may find a person’s ambition to be something that doesn’t earn a lot of money and that is ok, success come’s in all different ways and a goal is a goal, it doesn’t matter what you are striving for as long as the outcome is best for you – whether that is to be an entrepreneur, doctor, bus driver, or cleaner, if it brings you happiness then you will excel in whatever job role you choose, even if that isn’t money wise – you may earn respect rather than money. Lets stop looking down on each other and comparing our lives to others, let’s stop choosing jobs we don’t like because they pay well, lets put ourselves first and remember “find the job you love and you won’t ever have to work a day in your life” – because this is what greed can do to you:

A beautiful tree once stood vibrant and tall,

In the back garden of a rich family who could afford to have it all,

They watered it each day with the most expensive water you could get,

Hoping to create a money tree,

But after this they started to regret,

The tree turned black and its roots expanded,

Into the neighbouring garden – even the plants that were stranded,

It’s black roots intertwined with the green stalks nearby,

Where the man who owned the plants used tap water and natural sunlight,

The money tree’s roots wrapped round the beautiful plants killing them all suddenly,

But the old man thought he’d replant them and luckily,

He spent time, love and care and they grew again quicker,

But the rich family spent money on artificial sunlight to make their tree bigger, 

So the man got a digger,

He destroyed the money tree,

Then his whole garden was filled with glee,

The broken plants were now not so feeble,

And the rich family learnt that money really was the root to all evil.


Positive Thoughts

Hello you lovely people! I wanted to do a post similar to my last one as I feel I didn’t express enough depth as desired. I am aware not everyone struggles with anxiety, there are a whole book of mental illnesses that should be addressed; anxiety seems to be the one that I and a huge number of people struggle with, this doesn’t mean however, that we can let the others loose substance. I wrote a poem a few years ago that I feel can relate to any struggles that we face in life, anxiety, heartbreak, depression, or even stress. The one thing you need to do is TRY to think positive, if you start to feel your mind become clouded by unwelcomed thoughts then let them in and let them pass; don’t fight them. Once they have subsided then do a few things that will make you feel positive again. Take a bath. Take a walk. Eat your favourite meal. Spend time with family. Organise your room.  Do something kind for someone. Think positive. Here is what else you need to do when you become overwhelmed by an unwanted feeling:

When that feeling comes over you,

Controls all your senses,

You need to knock down all the fences, 

Burn the bridges,

Straighten the ridges,

Life will fall into place,

When you’ve finished the race,

You need to remember,

Not to surrender,

To the feelings welling inside you,

You will always strive,

It’s just a bad week, not a bad life.