I worship the ground you walk on

The beauty of poetry is interpretation. You can write whatever comes into your mind and it can piece together to create something beautiful. Poetry isn’t about consistency and perfection, it can be anything that flows during a wave of creativity – as always my poems consist of metaphors and always play on famous sayings, for example in this poem “worshipping the ground you walk on” so obviously I had to play on religious connotations. I hope you all enjoy x

I was an atheist until I met you, 
Always told you to walk a mile in my shoes,
Then you’d know what it was like to love you a little too much,
And how it was to smile a little less, 
And to understand this religious context,
I preyed in a different way,  
By looking into your eyes that day, 
By creating a pathway for you to walk, 
For our minds to connect and not to talk,
Where you loved me less and smiled more,
When you walked on this path your feet lit up the floor,
Beneath your feet you emitted beams so strong,
To believe in anything less than you would be wrong,
In this secular age I found a spiritual connection,
By watching your path closely and following your direction,
Your footsteps led me to an enlightened space,
Where I preyed that our smiles would one day be the same,
We dusted our shoes off and put them aside, 
We found a place that we could hide, 
I took your hand and told you to hold on,
My first time worshipping – and it was the ground that you walked on.

3 thoughts on “I worship the ground you walk on

  1. I thought that “I preyed in a different way” was a pretty clever line considering the context of the poem – I took a second to appreciate it. Good stuff!


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