the title of this poem is ‘N’

but does that make me entitled

to call this poem my own

or did i just write it


i feel deeply for this poem

but it isn’t my property

just because i love something

doesn’t mean it belongs to me


Because i love this poem

i am going to set it free

now this poem belongs to we

with this i hope we can all agree


that now I’ve set these words free

it’s clear for you all to see

this poem is deeply loved by me

but it is not my property

Women will always be afraid of the dark

For everyone reading, first of all thank you for taking time out of your day to look at my work. Most of my poems have quite important messages attached – whether they be implicit through metaphors, or explicitly addressed. My next poem was written at 2:45am last night in approximately 10 minutes – it doesn’t take long to create a masterpiece if your mind flows – especially at night! It shares a very important message on behalf of us women living our lives in fear, speaking for myself, I try not to live like that. However, with my current profession it is proving difficult. I feel honestly and truly blessed to have the job I do, walking beautiful dogs and spending my days outside, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to feel guilty for also feeling scared. As a young women walking alone, I’ve had to run through so many safety features with family and friends, from carrying an alarm to putting keys between my knuckles. I got talking to a male friend today in the park who didn’t seem threatened by anyone or anything – I couldn’t help but think aren’t you so lucky. I don’t want to be a target, I want to enjoy my time walking with dogs and not constantly looking behind me. I hope you enjoy. 

I was a little girl afraid of the dark, 

Mum was always there to make a remark,

Always the same “you’ll grow out of it one day”

But oh how hard that would be,

As women will always be a afraid of the dark,

Is that so hard to see?


I always slept with a night light inside,

But my biggest fears were outdoors,

Under that powerful glare of the moonlight,

How naïve of me to fear the inside of these four walls,

But now at my age I am well aware,

If only I could take these four walls with me everywhere,


When I was sixteen I was afraid of the dark,

But my friends were always there to make a remark,

Always the same “don’t be silly – just walk on the main road”

But oh how hard that would be,

Because the men driving on those main roads – are still whistling and calling at me.


Always stay in a group and never split up,

The pressure to keep safe is becoming too much,

I want to go out and have fun without the worry,

I want to walk around in the dark and not have to hurry.


I am 20 and still afraid of the dark,

Strangers on social media always making a remark,

Always the same “women should not walk around alone”

But oh hard that would be,

As situations can happen – where alone a woman will be,

So please strangers shine us that bright light we need,

So as women we can continue to succeed,

Please strangers help us leave this mark,

So us women are no longer afraid of the dark.


Jimmy Choos

Hi everyone!

It has been months since I last posted, as I am very busy trying to set up my own business. I have been writing loads, but haven’t had time to post any online. I started writing a poem today about starting up a business and how everyone should follow their dreams – however it kind of went off on a tangent, and subconsciously became very feminist orientated! I guess it’s because I have been seeing so many things lately about what women can and can’t wear, and it has actually bothered me more than I’d care to admit. As the hot weather is coming and I’ve been finding wearing a bra is becoming more of a chore, but I also don’t want all the unwelcomed attention that comes with it. So my poem today transported into what women can and can’t wear in the work place, it has never personally happened to me, but I have came across it happening to others before. It has a lot of metaphors (of course) and deeper meanings, but is also supposed to be light hearted – and I definitely don’t want anyone to get offended. However, my overriding message is to ladies, please wear what you want and what you feel comfortable wearing, whether that is no bra, no pants, no top, whatever! Also, if your job or boyfriend/girlfriend is telling you what to wear – then please DROP THEM! 

I was 2 foot tall and ready to take on the universe,

Dreams of being a successful manager is what I rehearsed,

When I reached 4 foot I realised it wasn’t that easy,

20 people apply for one job – what would make them pick me?

Out of all of these people, they only accept one,

They say they’re not prejudice – but he just happened to be an entrepreneurs son,

He became the manager – I worked underneath him,

How can we compete with what the companies are teaching,

Maybe being a strong, white male gave him an advantage,

But managing a massive company was enough for him to manage,

He always looked so strong and composed,

His 6 foot build in his tight shirt was never too exposed,

But my high heeled shoes were too revealing,

Apparently the men found them too appealing,

But maybe it was that going from 5 foot 10 ” to 6 foot that was too intimidating, 

As he wanted to look down on me – and when he couldn’t it was frustrating,

Wishing back to being 2 foot – with all these dreams and ambitions,

Being told what to wear was not part of this position,

Payday came and then I was inclined,

To buy the most expensive pair of high heeled shoes I could find,

I went to work the following day,

Rushed to find the boss – as I had something to say,

“You’re very familiar with designers, so you’ll know these are Jimmy Choo, they make me 6 foot 3, so now I’m looking down on you, if the men can’t focus on work because of what I wear, then they need to stop it – and with that I have decided that today I quit”

It turns out my Jimmy Choo’s were actually extremely rare,

I sold them on and became a millionaire,

Took over the company and got the boss fired,

Then made sure more women were hired,

They all got designer heels – and wore them with pride,

Just as a little message to say – by the rules we will abide,

But only if the rules are equal on both sides.