Male Gaze

We base our lives around the male gaze

Which look will get us the most praise

I wonder how beautiful our minds would shine

If their authentic selves were to align

Pretty is always our ticket to respect

The absence of beauty returns a lot less

If that is the case I don’t want the ticket

I will rip it up and then I will bin it

What power if we showed what’s deep inside

That side to ourselves that we try to hide

That side to ourselves that we try to suppress

In order to gain that bit more respect

If the only ticket to equality is to be pretty

The only ticket that will get us into the city

Where only the successful & beautiful seem to reside

I will happily walk for the rest of my life


I wonder what I could’ve been

A version of myself that remains to be seen

I really hope she will come out soon

I’m leaving her enough room

Maybe the world isn’t ready

It’s now forced me to take it steady

I can’t shine forever if I use all my light

I need to save some in order to stay bright

Maybe I’ll preserve it and carry it on with me

The brightest star you’ll ever see

Maybe in another lifetime I do exist

Fulfil all of the things my mind made me miss

Those nights that you wish would never end

Listening to music with your favourite friend

Maybe one day I’ll become one of those nights

A star in the sky that will always shine bright

Look down on myself laughing with friends

This time I’ll make sure the night never ends

To Heaven on Thistlecrack

The clock reached 9am and it was time to go, 

where that is, I do not know, 

an ice cream on the beach with a chocolate flake, 

as the tide rolls in

a beautiful painting this would make, 

maybe a garden with a towering oak, 

beside that a still pond – a frog will croak, 

a sunflower field – being surrounded by yellow, 

a roaring bonfire – to toast a marshmallow, 

a setting of beauty – the fall of autumnal leaves, 

a vision of wonderland – to how I perceive, 

the taste of a crunchy apple or a sugar sweet pear, 

wherever it is I may go, 

Thistlecrack take me there. 

Ice Men

A weeping voice trembling through words, 

A symphony we can only sing, alone with the birds,

Tongue tied with terror, triumph a lifetime away, 

A mask to be worn for the day,

A shield protecting our organs from the bitter chill

An icicle slicing through skin is the worst thing to feel

Frozen tears, burning cheeks 

Icicles forming, there for weeks 

Not melting as we are made tough 

As men we will remain rugged and rough 

Oh what a life

A stone cold persona to represent our strife 

Walking barefoot through the grass with thorns in our feet 

Although in pain, we shall never speak 

Stay silent and strong 

To this group we must belong 

Let the pain resonate within our veins

As men we will remain the same

We must never tell all

As vulnerability will make us fall

The sun will shine but we shall not melt 

For our armour is our safety belt  

Wonders Of The World

It took me all day to get out of bed,

I called into work and told them I had a sore head,

That last line was partly true,

But sore is an ambiguous word to use.

I wanted to go swimming in Iceland’s hot springs,

I’ve always imagined these beautiful things,

I wonder if I can create the same feeling in my kitchen,

If I just shut my eyes and listen,

I flicked the kettle down and the steam engulfed me,

The sweetest smell of herbal tea, 

I poured a waterfall into my mug,

Open my eyes and took the biggest glug,

I had hoped the heat would remind of a summers day,

Being captured by those blazing sun rays.

Next I wanted to go to the London Eye,

The view looked so beautiful from up high,

I put my sunglasses on to protect my sight,

From the strong beam of sunlight,

A glare on the window made my pupils sore,

That last line was partly true,

But sore is an ambiguous word to use,

I prefer the word enlightened,

In more ways than one my senses were heightened,

I got down off my roof and exited the ride,

Next I think I will go to the lakeside,

I collected crunchy leaves and conkers in my rucksack,

Filled it right up and put it on my back,

I got home and scraped the mud off my shoe,

Even though my bath tub was brand new,

I tipped the contents into my gleaming white tub,

The sweet smell of soil made my eyes well up,

I ran the water freezing cold, 

Dipped my feet into nature’s mould,

I’m starting to think I am quite artistic,

For now I’ll just relax in the Lake District.

Women will always be afraid of the dark

For everyone reading, first of all thank you for taking time out of your day to look at my work. Most of my poems have quite important messages attached – whether they be implicit through metaphors, or explicitly addressed. My next poem was written at 2:45am last night in approximately 10 minutes – it doesn’t take long to create a masterpiece if your mind flows – especially at night! It shares a very important message on behalf of us women living our lives in fear, speaking for myself, I try not to live like that. However, with my current profession it is proving difficult. I feel honestly and truly blessed to have the job I do, walking beautiful dogs and spending my days outside, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to feel guilty for also feeling scared. As a young women walking alone, I’ve had to run through so many safety features with family and friends, from carrying an alarm to putting keys between my knuckles. I got talking to a male friend today in the park who didn’t seem threatened by anyone or anything – I couldn’t help but think aren’t you so lucky. I don’t want to be a target, I want to enjoy my time walking with dogs and not constantly looking behind me. I hope you enjoy. 

I was a little girl afraid of the dark, 

Mum was always there to make a remark,

Always the same “you’ll grow out of it one day”

But oh how hard that would be,

As women will always be a afraid of the dark,

Is that so hard to see?


I always slept with a night light inside,

But my biggest fears were outdoors,

Under that powerful glare of the moonlight,

How naïve of me to fear the inside of these four walls,

But now at my age I am well aware,

If only I could take these four walls with me everywhere,


When I was sixteen I was afraid of the dark,

But my friends were always there to make a remark,

Always the same “don’t be silly – just walk on the main road”

But oh how hard that would be,

Because the men driving on those main roads – are still whistling and calling at me.


Always stay in a group and never split up,

The pressure to keep safe is becoming too much,

I want to go out and have fun without the worry,

I want to walk around in the dark and not have to hurry.


I am 20 and still afraid of the dark,

Strangers on social media always making a remark,

Always the same “women should not walk around alone”

But oh hard that would be,

As situations can happen – where alone a woman will be,

So please strangers shine us that bright light we need,

So as women we can continue to succeed,

Please strangers help us leave this mark,

So us women are no longer afraid of the dark.


Money Tree

Tonight I want to write about something that brings pleasure to all, but also so much destruction – money! Of course, it is very admirable to have ambition and to strive to have a good job that pays well. However, it becomes an issue when you are in competition with everyone around you, thinking that the key to success and happiness is the amount in your bank account, we need to humble ourselves. Of course money can contribute to your happiness, of course money can make things a lot easier for yourself, and of course money is vital to life, but remember – money is attractive but greed is ugly. You may find a person’s ambition to be something that doesn’t earn a lot of money and that is ok, success come’s in all different ways and a goal is a goal, it doesn’t matter what you are striving for as long as the outcome is best for you – whether that is to be an entrepreneur, doctor, bus driver, or cleaner, if it brings you happiness then you will excel in whatever job role you choose, even if that isn’t money wise – you may earn respect rather than money. Lets stop looking down on each other and comparing our lives to others, let’s stop choosing jobs we don’t like because they pay well, lets put ourselves first and remember “find the job you love and you won’t ever have to work a day in your life” – because this is what greed can do to you:

A beautiful tree once stood vibrant and tall,

In the back garden of a rich family who could afford to have it all,

They watered it each day with the most expensive water you could get,

Hoping to create a money tree,

But after this they started to regret,

The tree turned black and its roots expanded,

Into the neighbouring garden – even the plants that were stranded,

It’s black roots intertwined with the green stalks nearby,

Where the man who owned the plants used tap water and natural sunlight,

The money tree’s roots wrapped round the beautiful plants killing them all suddenly,

But the old man thought he’d replant them – and luckily,

He spent time, love, care and they grew again quicker,

But the rich family spent money on artificial sunlight to make their tree bigger, 

So the man got a digger,

He destroyed the money tree,

Then his whole garden was filled with glee,

The broken plants were now not so feeble,

And the rich family learnt that money really was the root to all evil.