Wonders Of The World

It took me all day to get out of bed,

I called into work and told them I had a sore head,

That last line was partly true,

But sore is an ambiguous word to use.

I wanted to go swimming in Iceland’s hot springs,

I’ve always imagined these beautiful things,

I wonder if I can create the same feeling in my kitchen,

If I just shut my eyes and listen,

I flicked the kettle down and the steam engulfed me,

The sweetest smell of herbal tea, 

I poured a waterfall into my mug,

Open my eyes and took the biggest glug,

I had hoped the heat would remind of a summers day,

Being captured by those blazing sun rays.

Next I wanted to go to the London Eye,

The view looked so beautiful from up high,

I put my sunglasses on to protect my sight,

From the strong beam of sunlight,

A glare on the window made my pupils sore,

That last line was partly true,

But sore is an ambiguous word to use,

I prefer the word enlightened,

In more ways than one my senses were heightened,

I got down off my roof and exited the ride,

Next I think I will go to the lakeside,

I collected crunchy leaves and conkers in my rucksack,

Filled it right up and put it on my back,

I got home and scraped the mud off my shoe,

Even though my bath tub was brand new,

I tipped the contents into my gleaming white tub,

The sweet smell of soil made my eyes well up,

I ran the water freezing cold, 

Dipped my feet into nature’s mould,

I’m starting to think I am quite artistic,

For now I’ll just relax in the Lake District.